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Against the Dark Devourer

All her life, Deborah has known she and her older sister have extraordinary psi powers. When their mother dies suddenly, Deborah learns she's meant to use her gift against the forces of darkness in some special way. How, she doesn't have a clue, but she wants no part of this alleged fate. Yet with evil forces stalking her, can she avoid the battle ahead? All his life, Victor has known he and his twin sister have a unique destiny. Bred to serve inhuman entities from another dimensional plane, he's instructed to either seduce a strange young woman who poses a grave threat to the cult he belongs to...or destroy her. Unexpectedly, he finds Deborah not only attractive and intelligent but his equal in psychic power. Although his cult views religion with contempt--and she's an unabashed Christian--he's helplessly drawn to her. For her part, Deborah finds in Victor a kindred spirit. For the first time, someone other than her sister can empathize with her differences from "normal" people. Is prophetic destiny written in stone, even for two potential foes falling in love? A paranormal romance inspired by C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength and the cosmic horror of H. P. Lovecraft.

CHF 26.90

Haunted Trail A Tale of Wickedness & Moral Turpitude (eBook)

Ned Abernathy is a hot-tempered young cowboy in the small town of Hammond's Bluff in 1876. In a drunken argument with his best friend Billy over a girl, he guns him down. Ned flees and wanders the plains, forests and hills of the Dakota Territories, certain that every man's hand is against him.

Horse rustlers, marauding Indians, killers, gold prospectors and French trappers cross his path and lead to complications, as do persistent apparitions of what Ned believes is the ghost of his friend Billy, come to accuse him of murder. He finds love and loses it. Determined not to do the same when he discovers gold in the Black Hills, he ruthlessly defends his newfound wealth against greedy men. In the process, he comes to terms with who he is and what he's done. But there are other ghosts in his past that he needs to confront. Returning to Hammond's Bluff, Ned stumbles into a shocking surprise awaiting him at the end of his haunted trail.

CHF 5.00

Hearts Desires and Dark Embraces

When Margaret L. Carter first read Dracula at the age of twelve, her spontaneous reaction was to wonder how the undead Count saw the events in which he was portrayed as the villain. She's always been fascinated with the "monster's" viewpoint and relationships between human and nonhuman beings. Most of the stories in this collection can be described as romances, and all involve love and passion in some form. Here you'll encounter vampires, elves, ghosts, and at least one human-monster hybrid. The vampire stories in the first half of the book are part of an ongoing series in which the creatures we know as vampires belong to a naturally evolved, nonhuman species secretly living among us. Readers can get better acquainted with them in Crimson Dreams, Sealed in Blood, and Passion in the Blood.

CHF 25.50


With one of The Heroes of the Horde members kidnapped by the demons, the remaining five face an insurmountable obstacle: The most likely location of their missing friend is inside the demon realm. Without a clue how to enter--and, more importantly, how to get back out again--the team reaches a breaking point. With morale weakened, their relationships crumble and are tested further when a newcomer enters the group. Either this new member tears the group apart or holds the key to eradicating the Horde once and for all. Surprisingly, their superpowers continue to grow amidst the turmoil until a hundred-year-old mystery is that finally allows them to locate the leader of the demon Horde.

CHF 28.50

Scarab-Tutankhamen (The Amarnan Kings, #3) (eBook)

Scarab and her brother Smenkhkare are in exile in Nubia but are gathering an army to wrest control of Egypt from the boy king Tutankhamen and his controlling uncle, Ay. Meanwhile, the kingdoms are beset by internal troubles while the Amorites are pressing hard against the northern borders. Generals Horemheb and Paramessu must fight a war on two fronts while deciding where their loyalties lie--with the former king Smenkhkare or with the new young king in Thebes.

Smenkhkare and Scarab march on Thebes with their native army to meet the legions of Tutankhamen on the plains outside the city gates. As two brothers battle for supremacy and the throne of the Two Kingdoms, the fate of Egypt and the 18th dynasty hangs in the balance.

CHF 5.00

Sekhemkhet (The Pyramid Builders, #2) (eBook)

Sekhemkhet faces the daunting prospect of following on from the glories of his father's achievement. He desires an even bigger pyramid than that of Djoser and orders Imhotep and Den to build it. However, the king finds it easier to build a tomb than to raise heirs to follow him on the throne, and a cousin seeks to take advantage of Sekhemkhet's precarious position and challenge the king.

Not all is well within Den's family. He is married, but love from an unexpected source threatens to destroy the success he has so laboriously built up. Will he sacrifice love for ambition, or can he find a way to have both?

CHF 5.50


Last year's battle was just the beginning for The Heroes of the Horde members. After a brief summer break, the sophomores return to Deacon Propriety School. Romantic squabbles and insecurities kick into high gear within the group. With old friendships on the verge of crumbling, the team barely hangs on by a thread. But they need to get their act together because the demonic Horde remains intent on stealing their superpowers back, even if it means using their friends, family, and loved ones to do their dirty work. Can the Heroes put their personal issues aside long enough to locate the source of the Horde, or will petty jealousy tear them apart from the inside?

CHF 25.50