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Computational Systems Bioinformatics - Methods and Biomedical Applications

Computational systems biology is a new and rapidly developing field of research, concerned with understanding the structure and processes of biological systems at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ levels through computational modeling as well as novel information theoretic data and image analysis methods. By focusing on either information processing of biological data or on modeling physical and chemical processes of biosystems, and in combination with the recent breakthrough in deciphering the human genome, computational systems biology is guaranteed to play a central role in disease prediction and preventive medicine, gene technology and pharmaceuticals, and other biotechnology fields.This book begins by introducing the basic mathematical, statistical, and data mining principles of computational systems biology, and then presents bioinformatics technology in microarray and sequence analysis step-by-step. Offering an insightful look into the effectiveness of the systems approach in computational biology, it focuses on recurrent themes in bioinformatics, biomedical applications, and future directions for research.

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Journees Relativistes '93

This volume focuses on the recent developments of general relativity. On the theoretical side, the main issues addressed are the pressing questions of quantum gravity and related topics: supergravity, string theory, black hole physics, lower and higher dimensional models, geometry and topology. On the experimental side, recent progress in observational cosmology, in the study of structures in the universe and on the dark matter problem are reported.

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Modelling And Planning For Sensor Based Intelligent Robot Systems

This edited and reviewed volume consists of papers that were originally presented at a workshop in the Scientific Center at Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany. It gives an overview of the field and presents the latest developments in the areas of modeling and planning for sensor based robots. The particular topics addressed include active vision, sensor fusion, environment modeling, motion planning, robot navigation, distributed control architectures, reactive behavior, and others.

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Optical Properties and Spectroscopy of Nanomaterials

Optical properties are among the most fascinating and useful properties of nanomaterials and have been extensively studied using a variety of optical spectroscopic techniques. A basic understanding of the optical properties and related spectroscopic techniques is essential for anyone who is interested in learning about nanomaterials of semiconductors, insulators or metal. This is partly because optical properties are intimately related to other properties and functionalities (e.g. electronic, magnetic, and thermal) that are of fundamental importance to many technological applications, such as energy conversion, chemical analysis, biomedicine, optoelectronics, communication, and radiation detection.

Intentionally designed for upper-level undergraduate students and beginning graduate students with some basic knowledge of quantum mechanics, this book provides the first systematic coverage of optical properties and spectroscopic techniques of nanomaterials.

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