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Dream Messages fom the Afterlife

Visits from the Dead

The dead reunite with us in our dreams. Throughout history, genuine contact with the dead has come through intense and vivid dreams. Dream expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley presents a ground-breaking validation of powerful, life-changing dream reunions with the dead that bring comfort, guidance, closure, and the healing of grief: In these pages, you will find: True and inspiring accounts of dream visits from deceased loved ones, including pets Descriptions of the unique characteristics and types of dream visits How to benefit from dream visits from the dead Related deathbed visions and dream previews of the afterlife Premonitory dreams of death, near-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences Instructions for ways to invite dream visits from the dead

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Guide to Psychic Protection

Every day, people come in contact with negative forces - toxic individuals who radiate anger and hostility, energy "vampires" who suck up the vital force of others, and those who have grudges and resentments. In addition, hostile spirits and entities look for ways to pester and attach to people, creating havoc in lives and homes. Guide to Psychic Protection has everything you need to know about how psychic attack and psychic vampirism take place, and how you can protect yourself from ill effects. You will learn: How to strengthen your aura and natural defenses How to use your energy, body and thoughts in defensive ways How to use amulets, scents and other remedies to ward off and remedy negativity And much more! This book is a must for anyone who wants to protect themselves from negative spirits, entities, people, curses and the like. It has detailed explanations to help you identify what you may be experiencing and gives excellent remedies to deal with it. Rosemary Ellen Guiley has crafted a gem of a book that will benefit all who wish to live a spiritually protected life. - Stuart and Dean James-Foy, psychic mediums and award-winning authors of Parting The Veil: How To Communicate With The Spirit World

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