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The Dolphins

Old Joe's Pirate Adventure Book One

On a bright and sunny day on Florida's Gulf Coast Old Joe took his grandsons, Bradley and Barrett, to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. They all loved the stories of the pirates that sailed in the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico in those days past. The Pirate life was always exciting with lots of adventures. They hoped to sample this at Disney. Once inside the Disney Park they made their way to "The Pirate's League" attraction and got into line. Once inside they would dress in their pirate clothes that were provided as a part of the experience. They would be given a pirate name, taught the ways of the pirate and then set sail for a pirate adventure. Old Joe and the boys would find their own adventure to be more magical than what was planned by the Disney Park as the day progressed. They did not know this yet though!

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