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King's Jar

A Dani O'Rourke Mystery

Dani O'Rourke is chief fundraiser for San Francisco's prestigious Devor Museum of Art and Antiquities. The acquisition of the King's Jar, a priceless African artifact, is a major coup for the Devor-and the gala celebration honoring its donors is a high-drama affair. Dealing with wealthy patrons, demanding bosses, big egos, and museum-world politics, Dani's plate is more than full. Even her (not-so) skinny jeans would agree to that. Murder, however, is way above her pay grade, and definitely beyond her comfort zone.

When the renowned archaeologist who authenticated the King's Jar turns up dead, and the invaluable relic vanishes, Dani suddenly finds herself trapped in a real-life game of Clue-with a gallery of glittering suspects, and a killer who's playing for keeps. But drumming up donations from society swells is a far cry from matching wits with homicidal thieves. And juggling the amorous advances of a police detective, a TV celebrity, and her own playboy ex-husband-while sparring with an African ambassador, an obsessed archaeologist-in-training, a billionaire and his trophy wife-certainly doesn't make it any easier to figure out who's lying...or keep anyone else from dying.

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