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Death of a Bad Neighbour - Revenge is Criminal

For those who find revenge sweet, this quirky collection will satisfy your predilections - Steve Steinbeck / The Jury Box in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Jan/Feb 2023 (****) 15 all-new stories From both new and established, award-winning and best-selling authors Kenzie complains about cats to the wrong neighbor Mitch chooses the wrong couple to spy on next door But does Sheila target the right man to scam? Prepare for murder in many guises... Visit a world where the intolerable few, who create hell for the rest, get their comeuppance. Short stories of murder, mystery, and revenge from Hilary Davidson, Steve Hockensmith, L. C. Tyler, Marilyn Todd, Dave Zeltserman, Warren Moore, Robert Lopresti, Nick Manzolillo, Kevin Quigley, Eve Elliot, Eve Morton, Kay Hanifen, Wendy Harrison, Shiny Nyquist, and F. D. Trenton. with titles such as: ONE OF US IS DYING Ellen is to all intents and purposes housebound when she is forcibly deprived of the only joy she has in life, and decides to act. VENGEANCE TAKES A HOLIDAY Sheila is always scrounging for food, but it's not just because she's pregnant. WOOPS! Mitch knows the new couple next door are bad news and he's going to do something about them. But when they knock on his door first, what have they got in store for him? LAMBS AND WOLVES When Garmo observes his next door neighbor being stalked, he is part right but dangerously wrong. Read also about "The Woman Who Cried Cat," "King of the Castle," "A little Power," "Murder, She Chiselled," and more... Find your own personal crime hit in a great anthology!

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