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    Hersteller: Festina Lente Press

    Start Selling Real Estate: The Empowering, Street-Smart Survival Guide for New Agents (Updated Second Edition) (eBook) von Thorne, Valerie

    Curious about what it takes to start a lucrative career as a real estate agent? Want the street-smart advice no one else is willing to give you? Sidestep beginner mistakes from the start with these insider tips.

    Do you want to avoid becoming one of the eighty percent of novice agents who quit? Are you worried about surviving your crucial, make-or-break first year? Wondering what type of real estate agency is the optimal fit for your needs and lifestyle? Feeling unprepared to help homebuyers and sellers navigate contracts? With a decade of invaluable real-life practice learning all the industry's best-kept, and sometimes dirty little secrets, skilled real estate agent Valerie Thorne has left rookie errors in the dust. And now she's here to take you under her wing and share how you can skip the missteps, bypass time and money-wasting blunders, and earn faster.

    Start Selling Real Estate: The Empowering, Street-Smart Survival Guide for New Agents is a must-have manual for anyone interested in beating the odds and lasting in the field of real estate sales. Using down-to-earth advice, expert knowledge, and step-by-step breakdowns about the licensing process and how to choose your first office, Thorne walks newcomers through the details they never knew they'd overlooked. And by following her methods, you'll bypass the frustrating downsides of being a novice realtor and reap the rewards of her hard-won experience.

    In Start Selling Real Estate, you'll discover:

    - Why so many people fail, how to guarantee you're not one of them, and ensure success

    - A breakdown of the pros and cons of every type of office, prevent constant office-hopping, and make the best choice from the get-go

    - How to identify hidden fees, agendas, and hierarchies in brokerages so you can dodge unnecessary spending requests, avoid being used as a pawn, and earn what you deserve

    - What the timeline and expenditure look like for the licensing process and how to plan accordingly

    - Ways to evade predatory employer demands, how to recognize the tell-all warnings about common pitfalls, cut-throat business practices, and much, much more!

    Start Selling Real Estate is a revised and updated welcome to the rough-and-tumble world of being an agent. If you like detailed information, conversational guidance, and in-depth discussions, then you'll love Valerie Thorne's priceless roadmap.

    Buy Start Selling Real Estate to arm yourself with critical survival skills today!

    Autor Thorne, Valerie
    Verlag Festina Lente Press
    Einband Adobe Digital Editions
    Erscheinungsjahr 2023
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Plattform EPUB
    Reihe Selling Real Estate Series
    ISBN 978-1-953753-03-8
    Adobe Digital Editions
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