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Rx for Business: Qualitivity (eBook)

Rx for Business: Qualitivity is a dynamic new approach that helps organizations create synergy by merging quality with productivity. Qualitivity creates an atmosphere of innovation that results in improved products and services. American Express, First Data and Standard & Poor's have seen exponential return on investment from implementing Qualitivity's three Q's-Quality, Quantity and Quest for service excellence. Qualitivity will help an organization achieve the highest level of work performance, while reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

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Rx for Retirement: Boomer's Guide to Surviving Downsizing (eBook)

Recent events have upset the apple cart of the baby boomer generation. In 2009 through 2012 millions of people lost their jobs in a very short period of time. As there were very few jobs available, among the hardest hit were the older workers nearing their retirement years. The baby boomers thought that they had plenty of time to plan their retirement and did not anticipate being downsized from their job at this late stage of their career. Rx for Retirement: Boomer's Guide to Surviving Downsizing confronts the many issues that the baby boomers face and helps them deal with the old and new paradigms as they chart a path into the unfamiliar territory of retirement. It introduces the retirement zone where Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" is used to illustrate the building blocks needed to navigate through the different levels to reach self-actualization. Self-actualization is the point where you are focusing more and more time on your new life and not the old one. It is the time to let your imagination take hold of thoughts and ideas for the retirement life that you worked your whole life to achieve.

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