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Accidental Warriors and Battlefield Myths

The United States is a warrior nation that celebrates the image of the noble, patriotic and fearless warrior. But the notion that warriors are fully conscious of the reasons they are fighting is a convenient fiction that sustains the culture of war and the warrior state. This collection of short stories shows how most soldiers are drawn into war by circumstances they neither understand nor control. The stories mix trag- edy, humor, the macabre and absurd. They are set in the United States, Latin America and the Middle East. Brilliantly illustrated by Sofia Vigas, the stories end with a haiku poem. The last story is a hopeful fantasy about a peaceful land where accidental warriors retreat. Tom Angotti: The author lives in Brooklyn, New York and teaches urban affairs and planning at Hunter College/City University of New York. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru during the 1960s and has opposed US-led wars in Vietnam, Central America and the Middle East. He has published three books and many articles but this is his first work of fiction.

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