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Savage: A Gritty Hardboiled Serial Killer Thriller (Ash Park, #11) (eBook)

Dark, gut-wrenching, and unputdownable, Savage is a knock-the-wind-out-of-you detective thriller that will keep you reading to the final, unforgettable page. Though Savage is the eleventh installment in the Ash Park series, all books in the Ash Park world can be read as standalones. If you liked Sharp Objects or The Wire, you'll love Savage.

"Riveting, sharp, and mercilessly suspenseful, Savage is a masterfully constructed thriller from one of the best authors in the genre."

~Bestselling Author Emerald O'Brien

Petrosky's back, and so is his most vicious rival: the man who killed his partner. Things are looking up for Detective Edward Petrosky. His grandkids are back in town, the girls next door are remarkably well-adjusted, and he's solving homicides as quickly as ever. It doesn't matter that he's sneaking shots before morning briefings; whiskey or no, he's still getting the job done. But his tenuous grasp on professionalism falters when he's called to the scene of a kidnapping-the waitress from the diner he frequents has gone missing, the only server who knows he takes his coffee with a little liquor. And she's due with her first baby any day. It isn't long before they find her newborn child abandoned in a nearby cellar-does that mean the woman is already dead? And the infant isn't even the most distressing piece of evidence. Petrosky cannot overlook the similarities to a past case he wishes he could forget, a brutal pattern of abductions that ended with a killer torturing young women to death in his basement. That same savage killed his partner, a man Petrosky had regarded as his son. But it's not possible-years ago, Petrosky himself watched that maniac's head explode in a shower of red mist. Could it be a copycat? The series of dead men found shrink-wrapped in their cars seems to suggest a serial killer patterned after the murder of his partner. But Petrosky can't shake the feeling that there is more to the connection than they can see. Perhaps their current suspect knew the original killer-even psychos sometimes had accomplices. Or fall guys. When one of his neighbors is kidnapped, a girl he sees as family, Petrosky's suspicions are confirmed. Clues left at the scene lead them to the weapon used to slit his partner's throat, one piece of the puzzle they'd never been able to locate. This isn't just evidence. It's a warning. It may be impossible, but it's true: the man who killed his partner has returned, and he's taking the people Petrosky loves one by one. Will Petrosky be able to locate a killer more cunning than any he's ever encountered? Or will his fragile grasp on sanity finally snap?

CHF 6.50

The Shadows We Chase: A Crime and Mystery Boxed Set (eBook)

Dive into a world of pulse-pounding suspense-this gripping collection of crime mysteries from nine bestselling and award-winning authors will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find out whodunnit in this compulsively readable collection for fans of L. T. Ryan, J. M. Dalgliesh, and Karin Slaughter.

The Clockmaker's Secret (Jack Benton)

After discovering a buried, still-ticking clock, private eye Slim Hardy excavates the secrets of a small Cornish village. Why did a local clockmaker vanish decades ago - and who has been hiding the truth all these years?

The Clandestine Coroner (Paul Austin Ardoin)

A secret society. A missing body. A town torn in two. When a member of a secret society is found dead in the local temple, Coroner Fenway Stevenson finds herself embroiled in an underground world where no one plays by the rules. Can Fenway find allies to uncover the truth before the killer gets away?

A Scrap of Silk (Virginia King)

A surprise inheritance. A locked cellar. A shocking secret from her family's past. Mystery author Tiggy Jones inherits an old boathouse in Devon, only to discover cryptic clues pointing to a buried family secret. And someone doesn't want her digging… "A deliciously witty and ingenious mystery." (Patricia U. Netgalley reviewer)

The Dead Don't Dream (Meghan O'Flynn)

A night to remember… if you make it out alive. Psychologist Maggie Connolly's new patient claims to have sleepwalking episodes - but are they merely a convenient alibi for a murder spree? Maggie must decide whether her sleepwalking patient is a victim or a brutal serial killer in this unpredictable psychological thriller.

Gluten-Free Murder (P. D. Workman)

Erin moves to the small town of Eagle Falls to take over her late aunt's bakery, but the grand opening turns sour when her business rival is killed - and Erin becomes the prime suspect! Can she solve the peculiar case before it's too late? "Great mystery, good character development and intrigue. Suspense near the end was tops!"

The Girls Across the Bay (Emerald O'Brien)

Sisters with a bond stronger than blood. A dark connection to their past that could destroy them. After a woman is killed in their small town, reporter Madigan covers the crime while her detective sister, Grace, investigates. But when they stumble upon a dark personal tie to the victim, the pair must confront secrets buried in their past…

Mirror of Lies (Ava S. King)

Jessica and Alison vowed to take a chilling secret to their graves. But fifteen years later, in the wake of Alison's tragic death, Jessica realizes that the things they desperately tried to hide might not have died with her friend. What happens when secrets refuse to stay buried?

Hong Kong Dangerous (Tom Fowler)

The best detectives aren't born. They're forged in the fires of their own mistakes. Before he can become a PI In Baltimore, C.T Ferguson must survive in a Hong Kong prison. And nothing there is as it seems… Don't miss this addictively gritty and mysterious thrill ride!

Fleeting Glimpse (Victoria M. Patton)

Somebody wants more than to be Chandra's biggest fan. Someone wants her dead. Chandra Willis thought fame was her ticket to success, until an adoring fan's infatuation turns deadly. As gifts turn sinister and threats escalate, Chandra must unmask her stalker before her biggest fan becomes her executioner…

CHF 6.50