PIE: Perception Is Everything

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Dia's Weekend with Coach (eBook)

Naughty cheerleader Dia has just come of age, preferring older men, well, one particular older man. She wants everyone's favorite team coach and teacher, Mr. Dean, who has been good and strong, resisting her; but, when she enters Mr. Dean's home, in nothing but lace and desire. Now, Mr. D will coach and teach teenager Dia what a man, not a boy, really wants in a lovely grown woman.


14,210 words approx. / Romantic Erotica (Hard)

CHF 4.00

NCADv1-v2_NCAJ 0.5_Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Journal 0.5 (eBook)

Short Story Volumes 1 & 2 Compiled of North Coast Academies' Diary

Volumes 1 - 2 of "Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diary" [NCAD]
Neale Sourna's NCAD is Adult Erotic Fetish Fiction, usually one short story per issue [i.e., approx. 5000 wds / approx. 15 6.14"x9.21" story issue pages], under the theme of sexual diary / journal entries of an academic community.

Of age virgin schoolgirl Laila starts her sexual escapades by seducing her stepdad Ross.
Vol 1 Num 1-Laila: Cozy With Daddy
ISBN: 0-9741950-5-7
Volume 1, Number 1

Laila's watches hottie Korean American school friend Yune's sexual adventures.
Vol 1 Num 2-Yune: Suck My _ _ _ _
ISBN: 0-9741950-7-3
Volume 1, Number 2

Laila continues her naughty extracurricular home school adventures with handsome dadd-, um, stepdad, Ross; full tilt, from his point of view.
Vol 2 Num 1-Ross: Daddy's Little Whore, uh, Seductress
ISBN 978-0-9796841-0-4
Volume 2, Issue 1

CHF 3.00

No Wedding Night (eBook)

A wedding, a reception brawl, and the bride and groom's wedding night will be in jail. Or will it?

_866 words Romance

CHF 1.00

Three - by Invitation Only (eBook)

A sexy woman, a nameless man; she picks him up, as her husband watches, then she invites the new man to enjoy sex with them in their wealthy suburban home.
Swingers, three-way sex, and more.

CHF 3.00