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Conversation Analysis and a Cultural-Historical Approach (eBook)

Comparing Research Perspectives on Children's Storytellings

This book explores the distinct approaches of conversation analysis (CA) and cultural-historical theory to investigations of childhood storytelling with children aged 15 months to nine years. The authors draw on a rich set of data that depict children's interactions with parents, teachers and peers as they talk together after having read stories, as they recount their experiences, as they enact stories through play, and as they participate in school activities in science and in literacy tasks. The book demonstrates the matters that concern CA and cultural-historical theory and explore in what ways comparisons can work to inform research design to understand how far the boundaries of approaches can be stretched, and the challenges in attempting to do so. In this process the authors focus on adding to knowledge about children's rich interactional competencies and development as they tell stories, and on providing research-based evidence for parent, teacher and teacher educator practices.

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Modern Money Theory

A Primer on Macroeconomics for Sovereign Monetary Systems

This second edition explores how money 'works' in the modern economy and synthesises the key principles of Modern Money Theory, exploring macro accounting, currency regimes and exchange rates in both the USA and developing nations.

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The Politics of Listening

Possibilities and Challenges for Democratic Life

This book explores listening as a social and political practice, in contrast to the more common focus on voice and speaking. The author draws on cases from Canada, France and the United Kingdom, exploring: minority women and debates over culture and religion; riots and young men in France and England; citizen journalism and the creative use of different media; and solidarity between migrant justice and indigenous activists. Analysis across these diverse settings considers whether and how a politics of listening, which demands that the roles of speakers and listeners change, can be undertaken in adversarial and tense political moments. The Politics of Listening argues that such a practice has the potential to create new ways of being and acting together, as political equals who are heard on their own terms.

The book will appeal to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology and political theory.

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