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Canada: The State of the Federation, 2012 (eBook)

Regions, Resources, and Resiliency

Regional resource disparities and the tensions they generate are a perennial Canadian topic. This edition of Canada: The State of the Federation presents essays on regions, resources, and the resiliency of the Canadian federal system. Contributors consider questions such as: to what extent do Canada's natural resource industries benefit the Canadian economy? Do Canada's federal institutions hinder or promote the ability of the economy to respond to global economic shifts? Do current intergovernmental structures allow for constructive dialogue about national policy issues? In responding to these and related questions, many of the authors touch on energy issues. Others consider the importance of functional institutions in a federal or multilevel context as an essential requirement for the effective resolution of issues. Together, the volume raises questions about the relationship of state and society, the importance of identity, trust, and moral legitimacy for the operation of our federal institutions, and the extent to which federal institutions are reinforced or placed under stress by societal structures. The theme of this volume was triggered by Richard Simeon, the outstanding scholar of federalism who passed away in October 2013, and it is dedicated in his honour.

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New Synthesis of Public Administration (eBook)

Serving in the 21st Century

A New Synthesis in Public Administration sets out a theoretical framework that takes this new reality into account. It reveals how government forms part of a co-evolving system between people and society, where public results are a shared responsibility and citizens are respected as important creators of public value.

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Routines and Orgies (eBook)

The Life of Peter Cundill, Financial Genius, Philosopher, and Philanthropist

Peter Cundill (1938-2011) was highly regarded as one of the greatest value investors of his time, but he was also a teacher and mentor who was generous with his knowledge and shared the wealth of his experience with many aspiring investors. He was taken with Aldous Huxley's words that the "e;rhythm of human life is routine punctuated by orgies,"e; and spent his life shaking off the quotidian tasks that dulled thought and striving for the excitement of new experiences. Supported by four decades of Cundill's meticulously kept daily journals, which are intimate, frank, self-admonishing, and confessional, Routines and Orgies covers all aspects of what Cundill referred to as his "e;wonderful life"e; - commercial, artistic, romantic, and adventurous. As he would have wished, the exposure of his investment approach has been carefully continued in this biography by close friend and confidant Christopher Risso-Gill, who initially explored Cundill's professional life in There's Always Something to Do. Routines and Orgies acquaints the reader with a generous and complex man. Spanning over seventy years, and covering most corners of the globe, it is a tale of hard-won professional development and extraordinary challenges faced and survived. Although not meant to be an investment manual, those seeking perspective from an expert mind in finance will find a great deal in its pages.

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Work in a Warming World (eBook)

Global warming is perhaps the greatest challenge facing the twenty-first century. Environmental polices on the one hand, and economic and labour market polices on the other, often exist in separate silos creating a dilemma that Work in a Warming World confronts. The world of work - goods, services, and resources - produces most of the greenhouse gases created by human activity. In engaging essays, contributors demonstrate how the world of work and the labour movement need to become involved in the struggle to slow global warming, and the ways in which environmental and economic policies need to be linked dynamically in order to effect positive change. Addressing the dichotomy of competing public policies in a Canadian context, Work in a Warming World presents ways of creating an effective response to global warming and key building blocks toward a national climate strategy.

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