Mike Bozart

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Black Sand, White Surf (eBook)

It is 1955 on The Lost Coast of northern California. A young female African American jazz singer is on a first weekend-alone date with a male Caucasian American piano player. The fog rolls in. Their discussion heats up. But then their euphoric moment is shattered. Is some crazed racist out to kill them? Will they be able to escape to see another day?

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Boingo! (eBook)

A new meta-game emerges in early autumn 2023 in east Charlotte (NC, USA).

Agent 32 lends some near-post-match commentary.

Malloy takes a pass.

1111 mots.

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Lost Time in Rockport (eBook)

In the last half of the 19th century on a secluded section of the northern California coast, a brooding Chinese immigrant must make a life-changing decision.Approx. 1600 words.Ok for ages 13 and up.

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