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    Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics (eBook) von Bromham, Lindell

    DNA can be extracted and sequenced from a diverse range of biological samples, providing a vast amount of information about evolution and ecology. The analysis of DNA sequences contributes to evolutionary biology at all levels, from dating the origin of the biological kingdoms to untangling family relationships. An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics presents the fundamental concepts and intellectual tools you need to understand how the genome records information about evolutionary past and processes, how that information can be "e;read"e;, and what kinds of questions we can use that information to answer. Starting with evolutionary principles, and illustrated throughout with biological examples, it is the perfect starting point on the journey to an understanding of the waymolecular data is used in modern biology. Online Resource CentreThe Online Resource Centre features:For registered adopters of the book:- Class plans for one-hour hands-on sessions associated with each chapter- Figures from the textbook to view and download
    Autor Bromham, Lindell
    Verlag Oup Oxford
    Einband PDF
    Erscheinungsjahr 2016
    Seitenangabe 479 S.
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
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    Plattform PDF
    Verlagsartikelnummer 978-0-19-107069-3
    ISBN 978-0-19-107069-3
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