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    Hersteller: De Gruyter

    Hebräisch (eBook) von Krause, Martin

    Biblisch-hebräische Unterrichtsgrammatik

    The Grammar is intended as a textbook to support Hebrew classes which gives the teachers the maximum latitude for the selection and application of different teaching methods and for the students simplifies the tasks of learning, looking up and repetition with its clear and transparent ordering of the teaching material. In its design, the work dispenses with a division into lessons, and from the outset bases its processing of the material on the biblical texts. The work is complemented by a comprehensive collection of texts and a highly structured vocabulary. innovativetextbook based on the author's and editors' course work two-colour-print provides easy access

    Autor Krause, Martin / Rösel, Martin (Hrsg.) / Pietsch, Michael (Hrsg.)
    Verlag De Gruyter
    Einband PDF
    Erscheinungsjahr 2008
    Seitenangabe 376 S.
    Ausgabekennzeichen Deutsch
    Masse 0 KB
    Plattform PDF
    Reihe de Gruyter Studienbuch
    Verlagsartikelnummer 978-3-11-021168-9
    ISBN 978-3-11-021168-9
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    Über den Autor Krause, Martin

    Martin Krause und Michael Pietsch, Universität Hamburg; Martin Rösel, Universität Rostock.

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