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A Modern Approach to Classical Repertoire - Part 2

Guitar Technique

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Arban-St Jacome Method for Cornet or Trumpet

(Brass Method). A compilation of two of the most famous methods for brass, re-edited and progressively graded for like-instrument classroom instruction, and including additional material for study of melodic interpretation. Sample units: Arban Foundation Studies * Arban Lip Slurs * St. Jacome Articulation Studies *Arban Interval Exercises * St. Jacome Complete Table of Trills * and much more.

Ab CHF 18.60

Schubert: Moment Musical: Concert Performer Series [With CD]

Each CD contains three separate tracks. The CD includes a performance by a concert pianist at regular speed and at half speed for practice. Also includes a MIDI file with right- and left-hand parts on seperate channels. Part of the Concert Performer Series.

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Schumann - Selections from Album for the Young, Opus 68

Schirmer Performance Editions are designed for piano students and their teachers as well as for professional pianists. Pedagogical in nature, these editions offer insightful interpretive suggestions, pertinent fingering, and historical and stylistic commentary. Prepared by renowned artists/teachers, these publications provide an accurate, well-informed score resource for pianists. Robert Schumann (1810-1856) and his wife Clara Wieck Schumann established a household centered almost entirely around music and their children. Inspired by his home life, which helped provide him with a mental stability that he struggled all his life to maintain, Schumann wrote a great deal of Hausmusik: modest, everyday music to be practiced and performed in the home. His first foray into this kind of literature, the Album for the Young, Op. 68, remains his most admired, even to this day. Editor & recording artist: Jennifer Linn

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