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A Story of Consort WateryJade Li 1 (eBook)

The last memory she had was that she inhaled toxic gas due to the betrayal of her companion in a covert assassination, WateryJade Li heard someone was yelling, partly opened her eyes, noticed everything was unfamiliar, before she could open her eyes fully, she felt something was forced into her brain and heavy about her head, then fell into sleep again. When she opened her eyes again, she noticed people around with shattered clothes of ancient time, why she was in the place of an ancient time, then she realized she had a time travel. A young maidservant called her Princess, as she did not know much information about the princess, then she pretended had a percussion, thus she could forget every related information. Before she could get her body recovered a bit, she heard galloping sounds of horses, people around began to scatter and run for lives, a batch of soldiers were chasing to kill with arrows. She bumped into her future bridegroom Prince Qi when she was straggling the head of the soldiers within a forest, then they together came across the bullying of people by the daughter of a castle owner, then a group of assassins with a blue fox head tattooed on their buttock, then an assassination by people and a pack of wolves in Royal Palace, then an illusory maze set up for her by someone, could Consort WateryJade Li survived the whole process in a time when people were treated as grass and butchered like pig and sheep with another person's body and mission?

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