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    George Washington and His Right-Hand Man Read-Along ebook (eBook) von Kraus, Stephanie

    In the high-interest, nonfiction text George Washington and His Right-Hand Man, students will learn about the life of George Washington, and evaluate his political relationship and friendship with Alexander Hamilton. Through the use of dynamic primary sources like maps and letters, middle school students will be engaged as they read about history and build their literacy skills. Supporting current social studies standards, this full-color text includes intriguing images, interesting sidebars, a glossary, and other important text features to support learning and strengthen key comprehension skills. Challenging activities require students to use text evidence to connect back to what they've read.

    Autor Kraus, Stephanie
    Verlag Teacher Created Materials
    Einband Adobe Digital Editions
    Erscheinungsjahr 2020
    Seitenangabe 32 S.
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Plattform EPUB
    Reihe Teacher Created Materials
    ISBN 978-1-08-763167-7
    Adobe Digital Editions
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    Fr. 34.15

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