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Pop Culture and Curriculum, Assemble!

Exploring the Limits of Curricular Humanism Through Pop Culture

This edited volume engages in specific connections between pop culture, curriculum, and pedagogy, asking questions about how we are made through what we watch, read, listen to, consume, and love. Framed by post-humanist ideas, the authors pose questions about the educability of those on the outside of humanity, and about how the ways we imagine structures, institutions, and configurations beyond what seems possible may inform the work and thinking we are currently engaged in. The book has contributions from scholars inspired by post-humanism, africanfuturisms, speculative fiction, cyborg studies, and decolonial studies, among others. The volume concludes with a conversation with Prof. Jack Halberstam (Columbia University), one the foremost scholars in cultural studies, queer theories, and popular culture, providing a fascinating dialogue with the field of education.

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