Crystal Dawn

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Bad Habit (Wolf Investigations and Securities Inc., #2) (eBook)

Trail knew the second he saw Twila that his whole life was about to change. Surprisingly, he didn't run, she did. After all the seemingly timid she-wolf had been through, he knew he'd have to handle her carefully. If he didn't get this right, his boss, who was her brother, would want to pound on him.

Twila had run from the most gorgeous male she'd ever seen. She just wasn't ready to settle down. A friend had finally talked her into dating and checking into a business and a bossy alpha male would ruin everything. The problem was she wanted him, and she could tell he wanted her too.

What were two seemingly mismatched wolves to do, but try to avoid each other? Life was about to get even more interesting and hopefully they would both survive it.

CHF 3.00

Bad to the Bone (Wolf Investigations and Securities Inc., #1) (eBook)

Tyne wants to mate Moe, but his curvy girl resists him at every turn. Their life is complicated enough, but dark forces attack and Moe is in danger. Moe wants Tyne and they live together. Why can't that be enough for him for now? She knows he's the one, but she wants to live life and see the world before she settles down. When her life is at risk, will she change her mind about what really matters?

CHF 3.00

French Kiss (Legend of the White Werewolf, #11) (eBook)

Trent had spent too many years in France with the wrong woman. He wanted to make the right choice this time, but he was gun shy. When he and Jazel are recruited by Damon to work undercover, he'll get to know her well enough to make a final decision.
Jazel had given up any hopes of mating until she met Trent. But he's pulled her heart every which way and she doesn't know if she can take any more. By the time this mission is over, they'll be together for good, or done.

CHF 3.00