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Critical Thinking

Totality of Circumstances, Third Edition

This book provides an overview of effectively understanding information. One goal of this book is for law enforcers to understand the legality of their actions via math, grammar, and logic. This book applies math and English to the law so that police officers may effectively articulate their actions in court. For example, specific laws and police actions can be evaluated via truth tables and Venn Diagrams. Some of the factors that can influence the value of information include assumptions, limitations, different lenses of truth, different ethical systems, different police department orientations, and the format in which the data are presented. For example, a suspect may attempt to mislead an officer by using existential and universal quantifiers and by using the converse of conditional statements. Another goal of this book is to apply basic math skills to common law enforcement scenarios. For example, the methods of determining angles, distances, and speeds are presented.

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Final Project

A Novel

In Final Project, Donna Wolf, a seasoned intelligence officer, strives to complete an important mission before the end of her life. Things don't go as planned. Her mission evolves into a larger covert project involving multiple intelligence operatives. Donna's daughter is an unwitting participant and deeply affected. She struggles to discover the truth about her own involvement and about her mother's life and final actions. With the help of others, she reveals a quagmire of deception and uncertainty, affecting careers and personal lives. Readers of FINAL PROJECT will find the plot captivating with unexpected twists. Many readers will relate to descriptions of activities and situations they themselves have experienced. Others will enjoy speculating on the story's outcome.

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Know Yourself, Know Others

The Thirty-Second Personality Type and Life Guide System

When you uncover the hidden forces driving your personality, you can unlock your full potential for greatness. Author Joanne Antoun's system allows you to quickly and easily learn how to evaluate personality types on your own in a matter of seconds. You won't have to suffer through lengthy, meandering questionnaires-in fact, there are none at all-or refer to any other resources to achieve complete understanding. This system is simple, fast, easy to use, direct, focused, accurate, thorough, and complete. By using Antoun's system, you can discover why you do the things you do, how you perceive the world, why people respond to you the way they do, and, most importantly, how you can understand yourself and others better at home, at work, in love, socially and more. We all have unconscious motivations, both positive and otherwise. Only by defining what drives us, however, can we hope to harness our own power to live the life we were born to live. You can heal the past, live in the present, and create the future you desire. Your time is now.

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My Journey (eBook)

A Journal For Your Ascension Path

Inside the pages of this journal, you will find inspiration and guidance from our galactic neighbors, the Ancient Pleidians. A collective of 9th dimensional non-physical beings from the Pleiades star system and constellation. . These transmissions were sent directly to Susan Hill, a direct messenger and open channel to intelligent life found throughout our solar system and beyond. Susan is in contact with neighboring civilizations found inter-dimensionally as well as extra dimensional both physical and non-physical beings. She found herself able to contact and connect to them in a fluid way and considers herself a conscious channel. Susan began keeping journals of all of their messages three years ago. These beautiful messages are meant to be shared with everyone. Because journaling has been a huge part of her journey, she decided to publish a set of journals that contains these beautiful messages and hopefully encourage you to start keeping a journal of your own experiences and awakening process.

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Over 35 and Pregnant

Wishing that you had a doctor and a smart girlfriend on speed dial to guide you through and ups and downs of pregnancy? Well, now you do. Dr. Andrea Purcell had an epiphany one evening. Four months pregnant, she sat sobbing at the dinner table with blood dripping from her nose onto her dinner plate. She thought, Pregnancy is so hard. Why doesn't anyone talk about what it's really like? And why is everyone more concerned about my baby than me? In that moment, she decided to write what she wished her friends and colleagues would have told her: the complete story of what it's like to be over 35 and pregnant. In Over 35 and Pregnant, the lively and compelling story of her pregnancy, Dr. Purcell talks readers through doctor's visits, midwife appointments, ultrasounds, doula interviews, and breastfeeding tips. Dr. Purcell's book is full of helpful advice for holistic self-care that includes supplement recommendations, alleviation of pregnancy complaints, and even steps on how to turn a breech baby. Most importantly Dr. Purcell speaks directly to the mom-to-be and gives pointers on self-care, sleep, managing stress, and achieving balance.

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Responsible? Hell No! (eBook)

This book is about messing up and getting over it. Like the time he got orders to go to Nam, showed up on a Friday night and other than the desk Sergeant the barracks were empty. By then he was in the army long enough to notice that practically no one worked on weekends, so he left and returned Sunday night. The barracks were still empty. But the desk Sergeant was there so Daniel asked, "Where is everyone?" He said, "In Viet Nam. Where were you?" "In Philadelphia," Daniel said totally innocently. "You went AWOL! I could send you to Leavenworth for that," and he stared. "OK," Daniel said and waited. "What the hell," Sarge said, "I'll send you off with the next group." Daniel went to study ancient Egypt with VA support, and had a prof whom he could not talk to. His heart would double its speed, his mouth would go dry and he would forget what he was going to say anyway. Why? This book is all about Daniel's adventures and how he learns to cope

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