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James Bond on Location Volume 1


Britain's Secret Service wasn't always based in the imposing building at Vauxhall Cross. The department known to Bond devotees as Universal Exports has had many homes - and with J. P. Sperati as your guide you can visit them all! Which villain lived in the same street as Ian Fleming? Which villain was disposed of at an East End gasworks? How did Skyfall change the map of the London Underground? How can you visit St. Petersburg in several different areas of London? How did The World Is Not Enough defy the geography of the River Thames? Where in London can you find Shanghai and Hamburg? Where did we first hear those immortal words, "Bond - James Bond"? All these questions - and many more - are answered in this fully illustrated up-to-the-minute handbook of 007's London! Complete with historical information, indexes and maps you can explore the world of James Bond on Location. A must for all James Bond and London Enthusiasts

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