Austin Macauley

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In the gripping novel titled Hush, the protagonist grapples with the weight of her mistakes, realizing that even the smallest misstep can have far-reaching consequences. For her, it's not just a mere error; it has a name-a crime that threatens to cast a lifelong shadow, and worst of all, it means letting down the people she holds dear. Like a precarious row of dominoes, her entire life's work teeters on the edge, vulnerable to the slightest nudge. The haunting fear of being unloved and becoming a source of disgrace forces her to abandon logic, plunging her into the clutches of a mysterious man who offers a dubious solution. Unaware of the profound upheaval this decision will unleash upon her existence, she embraces the man's proposition in a desperate bid to salvage her future. Little does she know that her choice will upend her life, hurling her heart into the heart of a cyclone fuelled by tumultuous emotions.

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Noah, Blue and the Scooter That Flew

A story about a flying scooter? Whatever next? Scooters can't fly...but Noah's can. In fact, Noah's can fly thousands of miles in the blink of an eye, to anywhere in the world. When a little penguin, named Blue, becomes lost, Noah takes him all over the world on a captivating adventure to help him find his family again. Will Blue find them in the depths of the Egyptian pyramids, or swinging with the baboons in the African Jungle? They have to be somewhere in the world, don't they? Join Noah, Blue and the rest of the gang in this enchanting story about never giving up on your loved ones...

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The Heart of Consulting

Great Outcomes for Individuals, Organisations and Communities

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the fascinating field of consultancy. Written by two consultants with decades of experience between them, this is an honest reflection of their 30 years of work. It provides significant insight into the nuances and everyday world of consulting in the community and government sectors. It is sure to be of great value for years to come.

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The True Adventures of Beau and Ted

Here are a few doggy tales about Beau and Ted. These tales are all true. Beau and Ted are great mates. Teddy is a real character; he's a golden Labradoodle who thinks he's human, and Beau is a beautiful chocolate Labrador who thinks only about nicking food and sneaking out. If you have your own Beau and Ted, or even if you don't, you'll love the adventures of this cute, but sometimes troublesome, duo.

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The Unusual Histories of a Curious Dog

Biscuit is a precocious pup with an insatiable curiosity that often leads her to poke her nose where it doesn't belong. When exploring the gardens of her new home, she stumbles upon what appears to be a rabbit hole and finds herself transported to the past. Thus begins a thrilling journey across the ages. With each trip down the rabbit hole into history, Biscuit must rely on her resourcefulness and befriend unlikely allies to overcome daunting obstacles and return to her family. But she soon discovers her time-traveling escapades have dredged up dark secrets that hang over her home, and her adventures have only just begun.

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Three Times a Killer

A virus is in circulation in sub-Saharan Africa that has the potential to become a pandemic wreaking havoc on healthcare systems and economies worldwide. Millions will die. The scientific community and governments work at speed to find a vaccine, but progress is slow. Research labs around the world turn their attention to this latest viral strain in an attempt to find a formula that can be manufactured in volume for global distribution. It's a race against time. Dr Dan Thomas was a research scientist working in such a lab to find such a vaccine, but unlike his peers, he was not content to use his talent and intellect to better the world. He had witnessed friends fast-track their careers and accumulate wealth, and he was envious. He was highly intelligent, but a flawed individual addicted to hard drugs and alcohol which affected his judgement. Dan's role in the lab was pivotal. He had responsibility for workflow, monitoring and managing the progress of the lab's research. A chance encounter with a venture capitalist at a party gave him the idea that he could prosper from stealing the intellectual rights of his employer's vaccine research, making him a wealthy man, only to encounter challenges he hadn't anticipated. This tense and exciting story of one man's quest for wealth and power reveals the lengths some are prepared to go to in an attempt to achieve their misguided ambitions. Lives are destroyed and people die.

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