Amanda Kimberley

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Forever Friends (The Forever Series, #1) (eBook)

Death does not part.

Have you ever dreamed of finding your soulmate? Do you think you'd recognize him as the one the instant you met?

Skye thought Raine was her dream come true when she finally fell in love with him. But her dreams soon became nightmares when Alec, King of the Vlad Vampire Clan, wanted them and every other witch of the Kersh coven dead.

She had to find a way to stop Alec, end the war between clans, fight against the werewolves who turned her best friends Morgan, and keep Raine, her forever friend, at her side.

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Forever Immortal (The Forever Series, #5) (eBook)

Lineage can bring on hell…

Demetrese discovers that the family tree is growing in the Kersh and Vlad clans and resurrects to take the babies' powers for himself.

Will Lilith persuade Demetrese to accept her in exchange for these magical children?

Or will all hell break loose?

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Forever Loved (The Forever Series, #6) (eBook)

Eternal Love Is A Choice I Give You.

Raine and Skye, known as Djet and Aset in Forever Loved have spent countless lifetimes searching for each other. When they meet in each new reincarnation, they fall in love with each other all over again. But they say nothing is as good as the first time, and for them, their epic love always comes with an epic battle.

Will Raine and Skye manage to defeat Demetrese, the ruler of the underworld? Or will Demetrese send his army of demons to usurp the couple from their throne and doom the witches to an eternal life of rebirths and deaths?

In 300 B.C. in Egypt, there was only one certainty, free will, and a choice to love.

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Forever Tied (The Forever Series, #2) (eBook)

Blood is a bond that ties many unions.

Raine and Skye of the Kersh Witch clan are being hunted by brothers Armand and Alec of the Vlad Vampires clan. And all because Alec blames them for his lover's death in The Were Rebellion.

Alec and his twin brother Armand will stop at nothing to exact revenge for Obsidian, even if it means going back to vanquish the entire Kersh line.

Will both Raine and Skye be able to defeat the Vlads before the brothers end their line? Will they be able to survive and remain forever tied?

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Midnight & Memories (Midnight Rising Series, #2) (eBook)

The heart never forgets.

When Ridge Turner hit the friend request button, he had no idea he would come face to face with his past life lover. The old Chelsea Bennette accepted his dark side, but would the Poppy Lee of this life see him as a monster? His heart was willing to take the chance, but his head knew she should forget the vampire.

Poppy Lee had just moved from the warm southern hospitality of Soddy Daisy, TN, to the bitter cold of New York City. Lonely, she took a chance by hitting the accept request button for her now client, billionaire Ridge Turner. Poppy knows mixing business and pleasure is dangerous territory. Growing riddled with dreams of a past life with him and plagued by a secret he keeps hidden, she wonders if she should resist the temptations building within her. The only problem is that Ridge Turner is hard to forget.

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Midnight & Mergers (Midnight Rising Series, #4) (eBook)

A Contract With A Clause Sealed With a Kiss...

Teagan was on her last nerve with men. The last one, especially since he kicked her out of her own apartment and fired her from her dream job. Now that she was nearing her mid-thirties, there was no way that she'd move back with her uncle. Once her 401K check came, she used it for the best condo she could afford in lower Manhattan. While in search of a new job, she found an unlikely perspective as an administrative assistant to one of New York's wealthiest moguls.

Being a glorified secretary was the last thing this marketing executive wanted. But rent would come after the holidays, so she didn't hesitate when Brooks handed her an employment contract. Once she reads the fine print of her contract, will she want to stay and cash in on the clause?

Brooks had little patience for friends and less for love as a vampire. His pet peeve was women throwing themselves at the thickness of his wallet.

When Teagan walked into his office, he cast caution aside and hired her because he was smitten. But the wealthiest man in New York couldn't crack under pressure. So would a Christmas Clause in her employment contract change everything?

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Midnight & Mistletoe (Midnight Rising Series, #1) (eBook)

The heart of a man is through his bite.

When prim and proper Priya Pant started work at the Odd Duck, she expected a professional kitchen, given the man that hired her. But what she got from Braden Boss was just plain fowl!

Hurting for money and longing for a chance to redeem herself from a former billionaire life, she tries to ignore Boss's bad-boy behavior, but the more she tries to maintain her measured distance from the man, the more he wants to stir the pot.

Braden Boss has always gotten what he wanted and has done what pleases him. Vampires with money and status possess that kind of privilege.

The problem was that no matter what he wanted out of life-whether it was fortune, fame, or devotion from all his television groupies-he wasn't happy.

After living four centuries, any vampire expects to run into a slump of boredom. But Braden was looking for the one ingredient he never seemed to find in any other method of pleasure. He wanted love. Or at least, Priya, the sous-chef he hired for her perky breasts, proved he should toss out his old recipes and whip up love from scratch.

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The Equipoise Shifters (The Equipoise Solar System Series, #4) (eBook)

From Ciro Deluca in Laying Claim to the Lion

Being a shifter and a witch, I knew there was something different about Verena, yet she didn't want to tell me. Of course, I can't blame her for not trusting me enough to tell me she's an alien from a planet of women. I kept the fact that I was a werewitch from her. I wanted to tell her what I was so many times, but we magicals are sworn to secrecy. No human is allowed to know about us."

Of course, things are different now. I'm in love, and I'll do anything to keep Verena safe.

From Verena in Laying Claim to the Legacy

There is nothing I'm more sure of in this vast galaxy than marrying Ciro. The only thing that mattered was keeping our family safe.

From Keme in Laying Claim to the Original

Once I found out what Wisakachek was, I felt like my entire life as a shifter was a lie. And when Jove said Chepi was reborn as Arizona, I wanted to believe it was true with all of my heart. Still, it doesn't mean she'll fall in love with me again but I won't let that stop me from keeping her safe because she will always be my one love.

This collection of stories is out of this world! No--literally, it is! Fall in love with the shifters from the Equipoise and Forever stories in this special edition.

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The Forever Series Books 1-5 (eBook)

Some Loves and Friendships Really Do Last Forever... Forever Friends: Death Does No Part. Forever Tied: Blood Is A Bond that Ties Many Unions.

Forever Bound: Blood Is Thicker Than Bloodlines. Forever Cherished: The Bonds Of Passion Should Be Cherished. Forever Immortal: Lineage Can Bring On Hell.

CHF 14.50