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    Hersteller: Testing Mom LLC

    All About the CogAT(R) Test (eBook) von LLC, Testing Mom

    Crash Course for Cognitive Abilities Test(TM) for Pre-K to 8th Grade
    This book tells parents everything they need to know about the CogAT® Test (the Cognitive Abilities Test?). This test is often given to children as part of a Gifted and Talented admissions process. Created by, the premier online resource to help parents along with their pre-K to 8th grader with skill building and testing success. helps parents preparing their children for Gifted and Talented and private school tests, including the OLSAT® test, CogAT® test, BSRA? test, GATE Testing, ERB® test, WPPSI?-III or IV test, WISC®-IV test, WNV? test, Stanford-Binet 4 or 5® test, NNAT-2® test, Naglieri® test, KBIT?-2 test, Raven's Matrices? test, RIAS® test, TAG testing, MAP® Testing, Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests, and many more. Founded by Karen Quinn, best-selling author and the Testing Mom, along with Michael McCurdy, NYC Gifted and Talented parent expert, in 2010, provides parents a revolutionary way for parents to help their kids in pre-K through 8th grade with test prep, gifted testing, Common Core testing, state standards, skill building, online games, expert answers and advice, webinars, tele-seminars, and lots more.
    Autor LLC, Testing Mom
    Verlag Testing Mom LLC
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    Erscheinungsjahr 2014
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    ISBN 978-1-62209-651-0
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