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Causes, Investigation and Prevention

Dr Thornhill's book is a new resource for all Health and Safety professionals, and particularly for those who have responsibility for or who are likely to be involved in accident investigation. Starting with some valuable historical background, the book then provides some psychological tools to answer the question why people behave in ways which they know to be unsafe. There is a full discussion of the advantages of good accident investigation in the third chapter. The central part of the book gives a blow by blow account of the accident investigation procedure and covers everything from the contents of the investigator's tool kit to the eventual cleaning up operation. The essential and sometimes daunting task of interviewing witnesses is then examined, with many practical hints on how to conduct a good interview. In chapter six the author suggests ways of assembling and making sense of the information gained in the investigation process, and then goes on to consider the writing and contents of the accident report. The aim of accident investigation must be to prevent accidents; to save lives and to save money. In the final two chapters of this book Dr Thornhill asks how we can effectively do this by improving the safety culture of an organisation. There is also a very useful check-list for the accident investigator and report writer to use. Dr Thornhill is an international teacher and consultant and writes in a clear and engaging style which makes it ideal for HSE managers at all levels.

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Hydraulic Troubleshooter

FOR ANYONE WITH AN INTEREST IN HYDRAULICS HYDRAULICS ARE USED BY MANY PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IN THEIR EVERYDAY LIVES,THIS BOOK EXPLAINS HOW COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS WORK AND PROVIDES GUIDANCE ON THE BEST WAYS TO MAINTAIN THE EQUIPMENT AND OBTAIN A LONG LIFE. Of equal interest to users of hydraulic equipment and those directly employed in the Fluid Power Industry,the book incorporates Don Seddon's practical knowledge of product design,system design and technical management gained over 45 years in the hydraulic industry. The insights into seal technology by Nick Peppiatt provide a clear understanding of the issues involved in the selection and maintenance of seals in hydraulic equipment.

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Orwell Today

George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eight-Four, remains today, more than 60 years since his death, a cultural icon. He is reviled and admired by the Left and Right - and all persuasions in between. To academics too, he is a constant source of fascination - being one of the most researched writers of all times. Orwell Today, edited by Richard Lance Keeble, Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln, brings together the writings of nine leading Orwell scholars - offering new and sometimes controversial insights into the man whom Timothy Garton Ash described as the 'most influential political writer of the twentieth century'. The essays are divided into three sections: 'Orwell: The personal and the political', 'Orwell and the media' and 'Orwell's politics - paradoxes, appropriations and problematics'. They include: ¿ Kristin Bluemel on 'The intimate Orwell: Women's productions, feminist consumption' ¿ Nick Hubble on 'Lessons in autobiografiction for the Twenty-First Century' ¿ Adam Stock on 'Of pigs and men: The politics of nature in the fiction of George Orwell' ¿ Beci Dobbin on 'Orwell's squeamishness' ¿ John Tulloch on 'Sceptic in the palace of dreams: Orwell as film reviewer' ¿ Tim Crook on 'George Orwell: Cold War radio warrior?' ¿ Philip Bounds on 'Learning from his enemies: George Orwell and British communism' ¿ James Winter on 'The myth of Orwell: The Canadian press and its Orwellian use of Eric Arthur Blair' ¿ Richard Lance Keeble on 'Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four and the spooks'

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